Nepotism, Lobbying , favouritism : Family blood runs stronger!

Have you seen Godfather? You remember that scene outside the hospital after don Vito Carleone got shot and a car passes by, Michael takes a lighter from a man lurking with him lights his cigarette and subsequently stares at the lighter for few seconds... The moment Michael stares at the lighter he knew he had... Continue Reading →

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Bhutan : western country without towers !

"Can you please blow the horn? I'm just not getting the feel that I'm traveling!" I finally asked our driver Tamang bhai to do the thing we were missing since border cross. He gave a big laugh blown twice and said "Don't force me again it's illegal blowing horn without reason!" See that's the first... Continue Reading →

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IAS officers as governors : the pulling back force of RBI?

"If you want to judge the sincerity of your government,look at how far intelligence sticks into the office" "on account of personal reasons I have decided to step down from my current position effective immediately" and Urjit Patel resigned! News dominated all social media & opened up a new line of attack for opposition in... Continue Reading →

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Kerala, retrospect!!

In Kerala you come with a question in mind,Why it is still communist ? Almost every national party have noticeable stand in kerala but communism that dying ruling system is still living strong,about Bengal it's simple "over intellectualism" and Tripura it's "safest option" but kerala was the first place in the world where communism came... Continue Reading →

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